Sales Training

Selling skills of Individuals are driven by the product or service he deals in. While the skill sets may be Industry oriented yet there are some basic common grounds from where all Sales professionals will start with. At Train-n-Coach we create a base for the high performing successful sales professional. It is like developing and enhancing the skills and also creating the right Sales Attitude. 

We also have programs to ensure the overall increase in sales output, like Art of Selling, Negotiation Skills, Key Account Management, Acquisition & Retention of Key Accounts, Channel Management etc. All our programs are tailor made as per the training need of an Organization and Individuals. All the programs are Designed, Developed and Delivered as per the specific needs of the Organization and the Participants. The workshops conducted by us are participative in nature and include Role plays, Group Exercises, Activities, case studies, discussions etc.

We also coach Mid level and senior Managers for better results through one to one coaching sessions.