Leadership Training

Leadership can be taught, to some it is inborn although. Leadership is not about force, coercion, push, fear, pressure etc.  Leadership has A Spirituality about it. It is all about setting example, care, connectedness, grace, genuineness, integrity etc.

Train-n-Coach conducts Leadership training programs which are directed at creating a strong Leadership culture and to ensure that Leadership abilities and competencies are built across the Organization at all levels. Be it emerging leaders or leaders who are in transition from Mid-level to senior level or even Senior level enhancing their Leadership skills.

The High end Leadership Programs are meant for Senior Leaders to develop Strategic Leadership to drive teams for better results and also to ensure the flow of right values down the line.

We specialises in creating custom made training programs that suit and cater to specific challenges and issues faced by individuals and teams at all levels. . All the programs are Designed, Developed and Delivered as per the specific needs of the Organization and the Participants. The workshops conducted by us are participative in nature and include Role plays, Group Exercises, Activities, case studies, discussions etc.