Business Management Consultancy

Train-n-Coach provides Holistic Business Consultancy to Small and Medium Enterprises. The Founder Mr. Shivinder Mandhotra is vastly experienced Business Management professional who has worked with some of the top Indian companies like Godrej and Wipro. He is an expert in establishing new businesses, opening new Markets, New Product Launches, Strategic Planning, Business Planning and Operationalizing, Framing organizational policies, Training and Coaching etc.

With Globalization and Influx of MNCs the local SMEs face a great degree of competitive challenge. The challenge most of the SMEs face in current competitive business environment is that how to boost productivity, how to enhance performance of its employees, how to remove the inefficiencies which over the period of time crept in the system, how to identify profit leakage areas and plug them, how to project their companies as a professionally managed company etc. To go to the next level these SME companies do require professional Management Consultancy Services.

We help SMEs re-structure their Organizations, developing systems and processes, having a Strategic thinking process, development of Human resources, charting future growth plans, find out Solutions to operational issues, Training & Coaching etc.